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Setup is fast and super easy

With only a few minutes, our straightforward setup tool can get you started.

Loads Quickly

Our Network (with 1Gbps of speed) is unbelievably quick with loading, streaming, and browsing.

The best support available for your family, 24-7

Night or day, our trained and courteous care team is at the ready to help with any support questions.

Plans for any family

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Silver $12.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
One device
Fast Speed
5 GB bandwidth/Month
Gold $16.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
Two devices simultaneously
High Speed
10 GB bandwidth/Month


The web has dark corners where your info can be compromised. Surf safely with the help of GuardianVPN, where our focus is on helping you to feel safe anytime you get on the web.

Double-layer of protection

The best technology is at the core of GuardianVPN. We use double encryption to provide you with the best security anywhere.

No more waiting when you’re using GuardianVPN VPN

The speeds that our servers run at are some of the highest available, so you can stream without waiting or lag.

No Hands!

Our VPN only takes a few moments to set up, so you can get back to the most important thing – spending time with your family.

Zero Logging

Want to be protected from third parties? You’ve come to the right place – we never log any info, so whatever you put in is as safe as possible.

Step on the brakes when issues arise

Worried about breaks in your VPN or hacking? The minute that GuardianVPN detects odd activity it will shut things down and prevent your devices and connection from being compromised.

Find the Servers

Our list can be viewed here.

With GuardianVPN, you know that your web security is ensured!

Why Is GuardianVPN a must?

Does your household prioritize online security? If so, then you’re looking at the right VPN.

Private Data Stays That Way

Your location, identity, and web activity is no longer traceable or searchable by third parties and other web-based threats.

Home-based Services Can Go Anywhere

Our VPN client has a lot of benefits, but a favorite of many of our clients is that you can take your location-based services with you. No more losing access to important information and social media conversations when you are traveling.

Roaming Protection

Wherever you may be headed, your ability to access GuardianVPN will never be prevented by location.

Limited time offer. Get a chance to win one of our Grand Prizes.

Winners will be contacted directly by email.

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